BMW iFactory: The future is “GREEN”

Along with LEAN and DIGITAL, GREEN is one of the three pillars that make up the BMW iFACTORY. The BMW Group has produced a video for each pillar. The video on GREEN is the second in the series.

To make BMW iFACTORY’s goals  even more tangible and understandable, the BMW Group has published a video for each of the three pillars LEAN, GREEN and DIGITAL. The first video was dedicated to the topic of LEAN, now it’s GREEN’s turn. The video is about sustainable production in the BMW Group plants.

The BMW Group sees itself as a member of society and has therefore set the goal of shaping a sustainable future. Reducing energy consumption is its top priority.

One example of consistent energy-saving action is the BMW Group Plant Steyr. In recent years, 30 GWh of energy have been saved there through energy efficiency projects. If there are no other ways to save, alternative solutions come into consideration as they serve to replace fossil energy sources.

One such substitute is hydrogen. At the BMW Group Plant Leipzig, the alternative energy carrier has already been in use for the intralogistics fleet since 2013. To test how hydrogen can be used in large-scale production, the BMW Group plant in Leipzig is using the first fuel-flexible burners in pilot operation. These use both natural gas and hydrogen.

Being sustainable also means acting regionally. In addition to hydrogen, the BMW Group uses geothermal energy. We generate heat using wood chips sourced from regions where there is a particularly large amount of forest. One thing is clear: “There is no one standard solution,” says Nicol Salzwedel, sustainability expert at the BMW Group. The BMW Group therefore develops individual solutions for the respective locations and is always on the lookout for further technologies.

Watch the new video explaining what importance GREEN has for the BMW Group: