Video plant tour: Insights into production

Get to know our production: During your virtual visit, you can take a look behind the scenes of our global production network. The BMW Group produces at more than 30 locations. In addition to worldwide automotive plants like in Munich, Leipzig and Oxford, these also include the motorbike plant in Berlin, as well as other plants.

How does a piece of sheet metal become a solid car roof? What happens to cut-off parts that are no longer needed in production? And what actually happens during the so-called “marriage”? During your virtual visit you will get a comprehensive insight into our plants and production. We also take a look at the history of the BMW Group and, above all, its future: What will the electromobility of tomorrow look like? What goals is the BMW Group pursuing in the area of sustainability and what innovations is it currently working on? Find out now in the video!

Have we aroused your interest for a plant tour? Visit us at our plants in Berlin, Leipzig or Oxford. Learn more and get your tickets now.

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