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BMW iFACTORY: The master plan for the production of the future.

Highly flexible, efficient, sustainable and digital: With the BMW iFACTORY concept, the BMW Group is setting new standards and defining the future of automotive production for the global production network.

Munich. It’s the master plan for tomorrow’s automotive production: with the aid of the BMW iFACTORY production strategy, the BMW Group can define the future orientation of its plants and manufacturing technologies and provide answers to the challenges of the transformation towards e-mobility. “Automotive engineering of the future requires new, holistic thinking. With the BMW iFACTORY, the BMW Group is leading the way and setting new standards in flexibility, efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation,” says Milan Nedeljković, Member of the Production Management Board at BMW AG.

For decades, the BMW Group has seen itself as a benchmark in terms of innovative, flexible and efficient production technologies in vehicle manufacturing. On top of this, the company is now redefining operational excellence. BMW iFACTORY. LEAN. GREEN. DIGITAL. stands for the strategic target image of the worldwide production network and pursues a global, integrative approach. “The BMW iFACTORY is not a singular showcase plant, but will be implemented at all of our plants in the future. At the 100-year-old main plant in Munich as well as at the future plant in Debrecen, Hungary,” emphasises Nedeljković.

In line with the BMW iFACTORY concept, the BMW Group is focusing its production expertise on three key areas: LEAN, meaning efficient, precise and highly flexible. GREEN means sustainable, resource-optimised and circular. And DIGITAL describes the effective use of digitalisation in the areas of data science, artificial intelligence and virtualisation. The BMW Group production system’s perpetually high standards in terms of flexibility, start-up competence and integration capability form the foundation of the BMW iFACTORY’s holistic approach.

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