Plant Tours: experience the production

Immerse yourself in the world of production! At our plants, you get to see our vehicles, bikes and components being put together in real-time; As a result, learn more about the BMW iFACTORY, the visionary master plan for the entire production.

In the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, you will gain an insight into the mobility of the future. In the BMW Group plant in Berlin, you will see the latest trends in the world of motorbikes, while at our BMW Group plant in Oxford, the popular MINIs are manufactured. In Munich you can visit the BMW Group headquarters.

Berlin Plant TOUR
The BMW Group’s premium motorbikes roll off the production line in the capital. But not only the motorbikes themselves, but also their production is spectacular: more than 2,200 employees from over 20 nations work hand in hand, supported by state-of-the-art technology, to produce high-quality bikes.
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Oxford Plant TOUR
The BMW Group plant in Oxford is the home of the MINI. The legendary and popular car has been manufactured here for more than 20 years. The plant is also known as the laboratory of the future: it only takes around 22 hours to complete a vehicle from the delivery of its component materials.
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Leipzig Plant TOUR
The BMW Group plant in Leipzig is one of the most innovative automotive factories in the world. The central building designed by Zaha Hadid, one of the most famous modern architects, is unique. Around 1,000 vehicles roll off the production line every day. The plant Leipzig sets standards on the way to ever more sustainability. For example, four wind turbines on the factory premises supply production with green electricity.
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Munich Plant TOUR
The BMW Group plant in Munich is the main plant of the BMW Group. It is located in the north of Munich, in the immediate vicinity of the corporate headquarters, the BMW Museum and BMW Welt. Around 8,000 employees from over 50 nations work at this site. Vehicles and engines have been produced in the heart of Munich since 1922 –and around eleven million premium cars now roll off its production line. As early as 2023, at least half of all vehicles from Munich are to be equipped with an electric drive.
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Video plant Tour: Insights into production
How does a piece of sheet metal become a solid car roof? What happens to cut-off parts that are no longer needed in production? And what actually happens during the so-called “marriage”? During your virtual visit you will get a comprehensive insight into our plants and production.
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