Berlin Plant Tour

The BMW Group is known worldwide not only for its automobiles, but also for its premium motorbikes, which have been manufactured in Berlin since 1969. In this modern motorbike plant, over 2,200 employees produce up to 800 bikes every day – all in an innovative working environment.

The motorbike plant in the German capital is the lead plant for international motorbike production. Almost every BMW motorbike in the world has Berlin air in its tyres. Motorbikes have been produced and developed in Berlin since 1969. With experience and a spirit of innovation, focus topics such as sustainability are consistently advanced.

Berlin Plant tour

Experience the production of the legendary BMW motorbikes: in mechanical production, you’ll get to know how the high-performance engines are created. You will visit our new logistics centre, which is one of the most modern in the worldwide motorbike industry. Moreover, you’ll experience the assembly hall, where BMW motorbikes are assembled from around 2,000 parts and components. Come and experience the factory up close – we look forward to seeing you!

This is what you should consider before your visit to the Berlin plant:

  • Current global events can have a significant influence over our production. As a result, tours may have to be cancelled for operational reasons. Should this happen to you, we will offer you an alternative date as soon as possible, or a refund.
  • The consumption of food and drinks as well as smoking is not permitted during the tour.
  • It is not possible to visit the restrooms during the tour. There will be opportunities to visit these before and after the tour.
  • Electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets must be switched off or set to flight mode.
  • It is prohibited to film or take pictures during the tour.
  • Children under the age of 14 are not allowed to enter the factory premises.